Roberto Quesada Soto

Dē locūtiōnibus miscellānīs: conversiōnēs scriptūraeque



Contents           Pathfinder Memoir: In the Root Garden
          Pathfinder Memoir: At the Bonfire
          Pathfinder Summoning Mantra
          Quantum Poetry
          The Marble Nymph: An Erotic Poem

Pathfinder Memoir: In the Root Garden

Slabs of old stone with moss on it witnessed many a fight,
as nature-ordered green freshness rose skyward in the night.
The land expanded subtly in the same breadth, as if following;
dew drops on leaves on trees told tales of many a wandering.

We traversed small fields where the grass basked in the moonlight,
until we reached an edge of the garden and had to either return or flight,
so we trotted back to the forest proper, risking finding those in hiding:
the stealthy ones who waited and stalked those whose blades were slashing.

There were other types of blades, not of the ones to wield with might,
but instead of the same family as those which we call likewise of grass,
but much larger and morphologically menacing, with surprise to cause fright.
They thus ambushed their prey of a different kingdom, of another living class.

Amidst the dark verdure in the thick of roots and garden there shone a light.
Brilliance was cast as a sunlight phantom recited parts of a known esoteric tale:
a story of great warmth that remade until there were no more wounds in sight,
to then venture deeper into the forest, knowing we were to find more travail.

Pathfinder Memoir: At the Bonfire

When replenishing at the blossoming adored,
full of great warmth and found fragments ored,
many a time the question again came forward:
“Wherefrom hast thou cometh to pathfind and battle,
and to craft associations with metal and mettle?”

To this I answered: “From the green meadow of twilight thistle,
where there reverberate the sweet bagpipe and bass whistle.
Where one rides when under the sunlight and not only on horse,
but also atop a certain joyful type of giant hog of great force.
You would look to the ample horizon, towards the many hills;
you would see tusks navigating over the gleaming mysts of thrills”.

Then in that present past, I said that the Joy of battle I heralded thereby,
as we sat around the bonfire and our souls were replenished whereby,
for us to later leave and march back through the woods' stone doors,
not sure of what we would find that was told of in the mythifying lores.
I donned the ring, for my claymore swings to not easily become chores.

Pathfinder Summoning Mantra

Version I

When a random phantom
and old gods wield clubs,
thence grows a sense of seance.
Writhing of chimes proclaim rhymes,
crafting an association preventing damnation.
The sunlight phantom sometimes refers to himself in the third person.

Version II

A random benevolence from lonely a phantom,
and a flame hub wielding not only a great club:
thence flows at length a seance's strength.
A radiant ghost greets its might and meets a host.

A sunlight phantom draws in an enduring force,
while he, growing brilliance, refers to aroma of firs.
A writhing of chimes, proclaiming rhymes:
thence flows a crafting of association, warding off damnation.

Quantum Poetry

Pulsations of spontaneous semiotic assertions
are galvanized by intuitive qualia translations.
Organic convexities kiss data input elongations,
as the many correlates that hide betwixt travelled corrugations
are loved by the firstborn of the leptons.

Rigorous seekings for lexical alchemy
are concurrent with flowing creative leniency.
Euclidean channels dance with boson progeny,
as the virtual quill that chisels the crystalline stele
is guided by voyages of an extensive property.

The Marble Nymph: An Erotic Poem

A blossom Han bardess who resembles divinity;
fate-founded cornucopia for hedonistic association.
There is a kind of comic dystopia and the gods must be crazy, two.

To never unwant partaking in rituals of beauty
with faraway land kindred of priestesses of veneration;
more so when the dark side does not fully cast a shadow upon us, too.

A delicious balance in the therapy of vapour,
swaying traditional healing at its finest demonstration,
accompanied by rhythmic offerings by the muses, to Baimei Shen.

A flaring event that heralds a triumph by thyrsus
based on fundaments that proclaim harmonious optimization,
expressed in thaumaturgic libations to Aphrodite, which follow then.