Roberto Quesada Soto

Dē locūtiōnibus miscellānīs: conversiōnēs scriptūraeque

Oeuvre-Specific Sections

The Chronicles of Quelouva, by Forrest Cameranesi           
          Veil of the Foundation: Part 2, Episode 2
          Darak Meij: Part 2, Episode 2
          Nadir of the Darklight: Part 2, Episode 2
Fragments from The Anax, by Herries Anderton           
          The Extraordinary Verilsberg Clock
          On Cosmonisms
          Silent Steeples
          Does God Dream?
          And God Slumbered

Miscellaneous Excerpts

Science Fiction           
          From Clarke's Childhood's End
          From Modesitt's Gravity Dreams
          From Video Game EVE Online
Other Fiction           
          One of My Favourite Passages from The Picture of Dorian Gray
          Sherlock Holmes' Epistemological Correctness
          From Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being
          Under a Chestnut Tree with García Márquez
          From Fernand Braudel's A History of Civilizations
          A Basis for Philosophy
          Bunge's Dictionary Preface
          From Ortega y Gasset's The Revolt of the Masses
Other Non-Fiction           
          A Fundamental Linguistic Aphorism
          From Sagan's Evolutionary Speculations
          For Science Fiction and Science Fact
          Remembering Herodotus