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Welcome. This website is a portfolio of fiction and non-fiction texts I write, read and translate. Understandably, a lot of what I find is in English, being the global lingua franca of our times. I translate those sources into Spanish, my native tongue, as well as vice versa, as needed. I develop my original writings in either language, so I also like to translate my own work. My favourite literary genre is science fiction, of great importance to me. I also like fantasy, historical fiction and magical realism. Furthermore, as an essential part of my life, I have a fundamental interest in philosophy and history. Cōgitō ergō quaerō. Quaerō ergō legō. Legō ergō sum.[1]

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On Science Fiction

When I use the term “science fiction” I usually include what the authors of the excellent The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction call genre science fiction, as well as science fiction sensu stricto. By the latter I mean an orientation that is congruent with the definition developed by Darko Suvin in his Metamorphoses of Science Fiction: On the Poetics and History of a Literary Genre (1979, rev. 2016), i. e. not strictly or exclusively determined by science, technology or the future, but:

[...] by the hegemonic literary device of a locus and/or dramatis personae that (1) are radically or at least significantly different from the empirical times, places, and characters of “mimetic” or “naturalist” fiction, but (2) are nonetheless —to the extent that SF [sic] differs from other “fantastic” genres, that is, ensembles of fictional tales without empirical validation— simultaneously perceived as not impossible within the cognitive (cosmological and anthropological) norms of the author's epoch.

For more about this and other treatments through the history of the genre, I recommend reading the article “Definitions of SF”, in the aforementioned encyclopedia (eds John Clute and David Langford, 4th edn, 2021).

On Free (Libre) and Open-Source Software

Though I am not a software developer or other kind of information technology specialist, it behoves me to indicate that I support free (libre)[1][2] and open-source[3] software (FOSS[4]). It is due to this advocacy (deficient and growing at it is) that I use the tools and services I have selected for several functions, in accordance with my necessities and within my possibilities. I recommend you consult my GitHub profile to view the programs and developers I follow there. Naturally, I also recommend the famous Arch Linux wiki, a trove of information.


My thanks to Divya Ranjan for his guidance on HTML, GNU/Linux, Sourcehut Pages (where this website is hosted), among other information technology matters.

I want to mention writers Forrest Cameranesi and Herries Anderton for the opportunity to bring their respective works into Spanish.

The CSS featured here is my slightly customized version of awsm.css, created by Igor Adamenko. Previously I was using my version of Simple.css, created by Kev Quirk. They are both classless, and I write this website in semantic HTML.


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1. Based on Descartes's famous quote, cōgitō ergō sum (“I think, therefore I am”), my personal and partially humorous adaptation means: “I think, therefore I seek. I seek, therefore I read. I read, therefore I am.”[↑]